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Responsible growth

We support a company policy that combines economic growth with full respect for people and the environment in which we live. Our production adheres to the most significant and advanced Italian and international corporate responsibility protocols.

Our code of ethics is founded on two fundamental pillars: people and the environment. Values we believe in and respect in everything we do, every day and in all circumstances.
We respect the freedom of our employees and customers to express their ideas and positions because we are convinced that the only way to professional and personal growth is through dialogue; we guarantee our employees a workplace that protects their psychological and physical wellbeing. We seek to protect the environment in which we live by reducing the pollution caused by our daily activities.

Within the supplier code of conduct, ACTUATECH outlines the principles that govern relations with stakeholders.
Transparency, enthusiasm, reliability and maximum effort to improve the results of interactions are the values we believe in and that we want our suppliers to share. National and international.

In 2012, ACTUATECH obtained Environmental Management System certification: a document that certifies the company's commitment to reducing pollution and limiting the impact that its daily production activities have on the ecosystem.

The "Legality Rating" is a type of ethical rating intended for the Italian companies, and was created in 2012. Its aim is to promote in Italy, ethical principles in corporate conduct. The Italian Competition Authority  (AGCM) in accordance with the Ministry for Justice and Internal Affairs, deliberated the attribution of lawfulness ratings of the companies operating in the national territory with turnovers of more than 2 million EUR.  The rating attributed to the companies is carried out on the occasion of the granting of public financings to the public administrations and also during applications for bank loans.

In 2018, the certification body DNV-GL quantified and validated the Carbon Footprint of the entire ACTUATECH production as compliant with European regulations. In detail, the audit verified the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) for the entire life cycle of ACTUATECH actuators: from the extraction and transformation of the raw material, through production, transport, use and final disposal.

ACTUATECH uses electricity from 100% renewable sources.

CO2 emissions due to energy consumption for access to our website are offset by urban forestation projects in Italy.