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The drivers of growth at ACTUATECH

Our management has defined 4 key elements of our business growth strategy, enabling ACTUATECH to stand out from its competitors.

ACTUATECH's Research and Development department is committed to the continuous development and improvement of materials, production methods and control. To respond promptly - and, in some cases, anticipate - the increasingly complex demands of the market.
It supports technological research, the study of product aesthetics: ACTUATECH pays very close attention to the appearance of its actuators, designed by Italdesign Giugiaro, a renowned Italian design firm.

ACTUATECH production goes beyond the supply of standard pneumatic actuators. Our expert design department creates solutions for the most disparate needs. ACTUATECH can supply products made according to the specific needs of the individual customer.

Our know-how and cutting-edge technology enable ACTUATECH to respond with versatility to customer demand. The company can satisfy both large plants, which require large product quantities, and small applications, which require small batches.

ACTUATECH is guided by a code of ethics, based on two assumptions: international reach and flexible approach.

ACTUATECH seeks to become an internationally recognized reference model for the production of actuators, as well as a business capable of engaging in dialogue with companies and institutions of different countries and cultures. This objective is to be achieved while maintaining a flexible approach, capable of meeting the different demands of customers who require increasingly agile and smart solutions.

Aware of the fact that it is a long way to the top, ACTUATECH considers the two assumptions mentioned above as the first step in a long and exciting journey.