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Of products and processes

For ACTUATECH, guaranteeing quality to its customers does not just mean designing and manufacturing high-performance and safe pneumatic actuators. It also means achieving this result through effective and efficient internal processes.
The quality of ACTUATECH products and processes is demonstrated by specific certifications.

The creation of a quality product implies the rigorous control of each production phase, from design to testing.
The ACTUATECH design department, using sophisticated 3D CAD software, designs independently all the components of every single actuator that will be produced in the company factories. Each actuator is then tested in the quality laboratory, where tests are carried out every day according to the standards of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

This is how ACTUATECH successfully produces pneumatic actuators capable of guaranteeing high performance and reliability. They can be used safely in many fields, from environments with potentially explosive atmospheres to the maritime sector.


In 2003, ACTUATECH obtained Quality Management System certification. Documentation attesting the company's commitment to process optimization, to improving its performance and to developing sustainability initiatives.