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Pneumatic actuators Made in ACTUATECH

A totally internalized process: from fusion to assembly, passing through quality control in every production phase.

Quality cast components, for a product of excellence

Thanks to a large machine park of automated presses, ACTUATECH moulds hundreds of thousands of aluminium components in its own factories, which go to make up the pneumatic actuators supplied by the company. The internalized moulding of each component is a guarantee of the quality of every single actuator produced.

Latest generation system

The details of the actuators that require painting are treated by means of a state-of-the-art internal system: a powder coating system, which allows Actuatech to monitor every detail of this delicate phase of the production process. Ensuring that is undertaken in compliance with current regulatory standards.

Less friction, more durability

The bodies of ACTUATECH actuators are manufactured in the plants at Villa Carcina and Sarezzo.
The internal machining of the body aims to minimize friction values, increasing durability and efficiency.

Precision and repeatability

The Actuatech production department is equipped with an automated machine park dedicated to machining pistons. A large park, made up of separate machines, united by a single fundamental characteristic: precision. It is in fact only thanks to the careful and meticulous work of these machines that the company is able to guarantee the repeatability of the pieces made.

Internal and automated

The mechanical machining process for the actuator shafts is also internal to the company, and fully automated. The machines used for this machining are reliable and 4.0: their accuracy guarantees the excellent quality of the final output.

Injection moulding department

The plastic parts of Actuatech pneumatic actuators are produced and undergo continuous inspection within a special department of injection moulding machines. Continuous process checks ensure repeatability and precision in the production of parts.

Contact and optical machines

ACTUATECH performs 3D measurements in a special laboratory to check production quality.
These measurements are carried out using latest generation contact and optical machines, which perform precise measurements on both small components and large pieces.

Inspection at every stage

ACTUATECH technicians also follow the product at every stage of the assembly process: total control is in fact the best guarantee of the reliability of the actuators made by the company. Specific machines are calibrated and updated continuously to ensure product quality. The assembly phase ends with testing, for which a positive outcome is confirmed by marking.

Strict quality controls

All ACTUATECH pneumatic actuators undergo strict quality controls before distribution.
Rigorous tests are performed on automated benches to guarantee the perfect efficiency and total safety of each product and component.