Since the start of the Covid-19 emergency in mid-February in Italy, ACTUATECH has been responsibly moving on two different fronts to protect the health of its employees and to guarantee the continuity of deliveries and services to its customers.
These two goals have been approached in two different phases. The first phase started mid-February, when procedures to respect safety distances were introduced in various departments and smart-working was maximized. Protection measures were implemented for staff working in production areas , with certified hand sanitizers and masks delivered to each employee to be protected in case of contact with colleagues. Further more production departments have been divided to ensure a reduced density of workers and at the same time to safeguard continuity of service to our customers, especially those active in, or supporting , essential services.
Preceded by the obligation of a one-week governmental closure, from the first of April, a second phase was introduced in which even tighter rules were put in place regarding the need to comply with safety distances in the departments and requirement for all employees to wear surgical masks at all times and in all production departments and offices, even when not in contact with colleagues.
Today, production departments are fully producing to serve customers with top priority; all this despite the slow supply chain due to the closure of many suppliers and difficult transport.
All this has entailed a greater commitment for the company in terms of costs, however protecting the health of its employees and being always operational to serve customers, has confirmed the positive reputation as an ethically correct company and reliable supplier towards our customers.
A corporate crisis unit, which involves all the strategic functions, still monitors the situation today and guarantees the application of the highest standards of safety at work and deliveries to customers, in compliance with international standards and the decrees of Italian Government.