Established in 2001 to meet the growing demand of the international market, Actuatech SPA produces a wide range of pneumatic actuators dedicated to the remote control of industrial valves.

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Actuator valves are designed in accordance with International Standards, suitable for use with all Accessories for Handling and Control, with the Maximum Safety and Suitability for corrosive environments or potentially dangerous areas.

The use of Actuatech SPA part turn pneumatic actuators is especially appreciated and required in industrial Water Treatment plants, river Water Purification and Sea Water Desalination. Moreover, the use of our actuators extends into many areas of Industry, among which the Chemical, Refineries, cooling units for industrial Steel plants, Wood processing, Mining, Oil and Gas piping, Power generation, Food industries, and the Marine sector.

Actuatech SPA offers various types of actuators in aluminum, stainless steel or iron, with treatments of external protection in accordance with specific requests from different industrial sectors.

The range of Quarter Turn Pneumatic Actuators with the Scotch Yoke system is dedicated to the command in opening and closing, the rotation control and throttling of ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valve.

The special characteristic of Actuatech SPA actuator valves is the reliability, due to the technical and quality control of the production done entirely at its plants in Italy, and guaranteed by the Bonomi Family present in the market for three generations of valve actuator manufacturers, with innovative industrial products, getting consensus and success with customers all over the world.

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