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Double acting

GD8 - GD1920

Double acting

GD2880 - GD8000

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    Double acting operation cycle: 1. open position valve 2. closed position valve


The port 2 is in connection with the cylinder side chambers, supplying  the pressurised air in port 2 the standard Double Acting actuator drive shaft rotates counter clockwise to open , while the port 4 is in connection with the intermediate chamber and when pressurised the drive shaft rotates clockwise to close.

Actuator operation functionality remote control should be done by means of direct solenoid valve connection to the actuator standard interface VDE/VDI 3845 NAMUR, or by means of pipes screwed on the ports marked with the numbers 2 and 4 and connected to a separate control cabinet.

In accordance with the international standard ISO 5599-2 the actuator air ports connection position, location, orientation and form shall be clearly identified and market with the numerate 2 and 4. 

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Type Dn (mm) Iso 5211 Flange Square H11 (mm) Shaft Depth (mm) Datasheet
GD15 DN32 F03 11 13,2 GD0015F03 GD15F03
GD15 F04 GD0015F04 GD15F04
GD30 DN40 F03/F05 11 13,2 GD0030F03F05 GD30F03F05
GD30 F04 GD0030F04 GD30F04
GD45 DN45 F04 11 13,2
GD45 F03/F05
GD60 DN50 F04 14 16,5 GD0060F04 GD60F04
GD60 F05/F07 GD0060F05F07 GD60F05F07
GD106 DN60 F05/F07 17 19,3 GD0106F05F07 GD106F05F07
GD120 DN63 F05/F07 17 19,3
GD180 DN72 F07/F10 22 24,8 GD0180F07F10 GD180F07F10
GD240 DN80 F07/F10 22 24,8 GD0240F07F10 GD240F07F10
GD360 DN90 F07/F10 22 24,3 GD0360F07F10 GD360F07F10
GD480 DN100 F10/F12 27 29,5 GD0480F10F12 GD480F10F12
GD720 DN115 F10/F12 27 29,5 GD0720F10F12 GD720F10F12
GD960 DN125 F10/F12 36 38,5 GD0960F10F12 GD960F10F12
GD960 F14 GD0960F14 GD960F14
GD1440 DN145 F12 36 38,5 GD1440F12 GD1440F12
GD1440 F14 GD1440F14 GD1440F14
GD1920 DN160 F12/F16 46 48,5 GD1920F12F16 GD1920F12F16
GD1920 F14 GD1920F14 GD1920F14
GD2880 DN240 1 F16 46 48,5 GD2880F16 GD2880F16
GD3840 DN208 F16 46 48,5 GD3840F16 GD3840F16
GD5760 DN240 F25 55 58 GD5760F25 GD5760F25
GD8000 DN290 F25 55 58 GD8000F25 GD8000F25
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