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Simple acting

GS15 - GS960

Simple acting

GS1440 - GS4000


The canted Scotch Yoke Spring Return Actuator sealing torque increase ensures a positive valve closing with its final push.
Simple acting (spring return) actuators are available also in fail to open version. 

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    Simple acting operation cycle: 1. open position valve 2. closed position valve


The pistons of standard GS actuators are mounted as shown above. Although spring force is diminished, the geometry of the mechanism provides a grater torque at the end of the spring stroke. When the actuator is in the valve open position, and the springs are fully compressed, the end of travel stops can be fine adjusted. Spring Return Fail to Open actuators are required when in case of the pressurised air or electrical power supply are off the valve should be automatically opened.

In the fail to open actuators the pistons are inserted into the cylinder like the Double acting version, and due to the spring force the actuator is Normally Open.

Attention: normal torque and torque performances in Spring Return Fail to Open version, due to its construction, are different from the Spring Return Fail to Close standard version.

Caution. In order to avoid suction of dust or dirt inside of the actuator chamebrs during the spring action, install a filter on the port 2. The port 4 is in connection with the intermediate chamber and when pressurised the drive shaft rotate counter clockwise to open. In accordance with the international standard ISO 5599-2 the actuator air ports connection position, location, orientation and form shall be clearly identified and market with the numerate 2 and 4.

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Type Nominal Torque
(at 5,6 Bar)
DN (mm) Iso 5211 Flange Square H11 (mm) Shaft Depth (mm) Datasheet
GS15 15 DN40 F03/F05 11 13,2
GS15 F04
GS30 30 DN50 F04 14 16,5
GS30 F05/F07
GS53 53 DN60 F05/F07 17 19,3
GS60 60 DN63 F05/F07 17 19,3
GS90 90 DN72 F07/F10 22 24,8
GS120 120 DN80 F07/F10 22 24,8
GS180 180 DN90 F07/F10 22 24,3
GS240 240 DN100 F10/F12 27 29,5
GS360 360 DN115 F10/F12 27 29,5
GS480 480 DN125 F10/F12 36 38,5
GS480 F14
GS720 720 DN145 F12 36 38,5
GS720 F14
GS960 960 DN160 F12/F16 46 48,5
GS960 F14
GS1440 1440 DN240 1 F16 46 48,5
GS1920 1920 DN208 F16 46 48,5
GS2880 2880 DN240 F16 46 48,5
GS4000 4000 DN290 F25 55 58
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