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  • GD15-GD480


  • GS15-GS240


  • GD720-GD3840


  • GS360-GS1920


  • GD720-GD3840

    GD720-GD3840 (Possibility to realize actuators machined from solid in carbon steel too, the painting details and colours are on demand)

  • GS360-GS1920

    GS360-GS1920 (Possibility to realize actuators machined from solid in carbon steel too, the painting details and colours are on demand)

Stainless Steel Actuator Performances

Special scotch yoke design that gives an increased torque and the seat break out point.

  • Bush steel alloy and Scotch yoke steel alloy : use of steel, ensures high wear resistance to the  internal mechanism and consequent longer working life.
  • Compact design with reduced overall dimension allows an easy handling & minimal air ( energy ) consumption.
  • Special compound seals and guide on the sliding pistons, ensures self lubrication for life.
  • The special double on one sealing rings grants a longer life maintenance free without O-ring sticking and replacement.
  • Internal bores are fine lapped for lower friction and perfect piston sealing end increases the life of the sliding parts.
  • Maintenance free for the full actuator working life.
  • Stainless steel drive shaft , body end caps , to protects the actuator against the environmental corrosion.
  • Shaft anti-blowing system. The driving shaft/lever construction avoids any possible expulsion of the shaft.
  • Standard stroke adjustment.
  • Atex 94/9/CE for suitability of the equipment intended for the use in Potentially Explosive Atmosphere.

Actuator Nominal Torque: from 15 Nm to 3840 Nm.
Mounting flange according with DIN/ISO 5211, DN 3337: F03 - F05 - F07 - F10 - F12 - F14 - F16 
NAMUR standard pressure connection.
Rotation angle: 92° ( -1°+91° ).
Stroke Adjustment: 10° ( special adjustment on request )
Nominal pressure: 5,6 bar; maximum operating pressure 8,4 bar.
The torque is directly proportional to the operating pressure.
For the simple acting ( spring return ) actuators the reverse torque is performed only by the spring action, and is
independent from the operating pressure.
Temperature: from -20°C to +80°C ( special version on request ).
Operating media: compress filtered air not necessarily lubricated ( for temperature under 0°C use dry air ) .
In case of lubricated air , use non-detergent oil compatible with NBR rubber.
All the models are available in double acting "GD" and simple acting "GS" version.
AISI 316  Cylinder - Caps
AISI 303  Shaft ( aisi 316 on request)
Water proof IP68

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